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eCurrencyParadise Computers Page

This page focuses on both hardware (PC Mac and Linux) and software (development and application). Raspberry Pi hosting of OpenBazaar is the first project.

Computer hardware from PC and Mac, Raspberry Pi (with a little Cubie and BeagleBoneBlack tossed in) and even some Arduino tossed in. Everything from hardware recommendations to installation/operation/troubleshooting guides.

Software from both a development and application standpoint. Open Source recommendations and tutorials. Office suite applications, CAD software, Programming Editors and Development Environments and Music Production software.

One of the handiest computer accessories I ever purchased was a Favi Entertainment 2.4G wireless keyboard. It's far from being a decent everyday keyboard, but this thing just makes my life easier. Hard to find fault for what this does, when you get your hands on one. And it's got a red laser built in.

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